No one wants to go in for surgery, but it can be essential to keep you healthy. In the world of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery refers to any surgery being performed on or around the mouth and jaws. Our dentists are exceptionally trained in oral surgery and can remove damaged teeth and wisdom teeth. In very rare circumstances or if it’s your preference, we may refer you to a specialist for treatment.

dentist examining x-ray


One of the essential services our dentists provide is tooth extractions. There are times when a tooth may need to be extracted because it is too damaged to be repaired. In these cases, we extract the tooth and offer you several options to replace it, including bridges, dental implants or removable prosthetics. Removing these teeth can be essential to maintaining your oral health, as is the process of replacing the missing tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Winnipeg

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt in the adult mouth and there are several problems that can develop with wisdom teeth. One of the most common is that the tooth becomes stuck in the jaw and fails to erupt through the gums - this is known as an impacted tooth. The tooth may also only partially erupt, and this comes with its own set of difficulties. Gums can grow over it and the partially erupted tooth can become infected. Partially erupted teeth are difficult to clean, creating a greater likelihood of cavities around your other molars that you need for chewing. What’s more, wisdom teeth can crowd the rest of the teeth in your mouth, causing problems with your bite. Our team can remove your wisdom teeth, solving all of these problems. We’ll do it with care and compassion, and give you detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth after the surgery. Our recommendation is prevention, so do not wait until the wisdom teeth start causing you discomfort. Have your wisdom teeth examined when they are not yet visible or erupting, since at that point the roots aren’t fully formed and removing them will be easier with less risks to the surgical procedure. Get in touch with us for any of your oral health needs, from extractions to wisdom tooth removal. Should we come across a situation in which you need a specialist, we’ll find the right one for your needs. We care deeply for our patients, so if you’re looking for a dental clinic in Winnipeg with your best interests at heart, search no further - you’ve found us.

Dental Implants, Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts

Dental implant surgery is another surgical procedure we are able to provide here at EK Dental. Depending on the specific treatment needed, additional procedures may be required. Whether it is a bone grafting procedure or a sinus lift procedure, those are done at our office. These procedures are usually done in conjunction for patients wanting dental implant treatment, when there isn’t adequate bone for a simple implant placement. We use the most advanced technology available in the dental industry with the use of 3D Cone Beam CT scan and even piezo (laser) surgery for the very complex and advanced surgical procedures. Our dentists are well trained beyond the average training required, with one of our doctors obtaining a master’s degree in Implantology in Frankfurt, Germany.